Hunter WildFlower Garden/Glen

The Hunter WildFlower Garden trail is located in Wildwood Park for the Arts. It is a one-acre garden with more than 150 species of wildflowers. A paved walking path circles the garden. Just like the Butler Arboretum trail (see here for information about Butler Arboretum), the bathrooms have a door on the outside that you are able to use to get in, but there is also an entrance inside the main building. You can also find the water fountains inside close to the bathrooms. There are no picnic table near the trail, but there are benches.

To get to WildWood from Little Rock, head north on State Capital towards Capital Mall. Take I-630 W, take Chenal Pkwy and Kanis Rd to Denny Rd. Wildwood is located close to Chenal Elementary. Once inside Wildwood, you can find the Hunter Wildflower trail past the bridge that goes over Swan Lake. It will be on your right right after you walk past the bridge.

If you have additional questions about this trail, click the link below. To find some information of the area go to paragraph 5 and start where it says “These trails are ideal for bird-watching”, or you can do control F, and type Wildflower.

Hunter WildFlower Garden

Difficult or Hazardous areas.

  • Moss made trail slick
  • Steep entrance/exit – Would be best to have brakes on your wheelchair.
  • Raised Cracks

If you have any additional questions about the location or directions to this area click the picture below:


To see 360 Degree view pictures, click the picture below.

(Mens bathroom)


(Women’s bathroom)
Bathroom Picture

Click on the picture below to see a GoPro video.

Hunter WildFlower Clen Vid

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