Arboretum @Wildwood

Butler Arboretum is located in The Wildwood Park for the Arts, and it is ten-acres of beautiful garden. It has a trail that is paved and that features natural woodlands. There is also a firm grass entry when no recent rainfall has occurred. The trail has a Gazebo at the end, but it is sadly not accessible for wheelchairs. The bathrooms have a door on the outside to get in from, but you can also find the entrance inside of  the WildWood building. You can also find the water fountains inside of the building close to the bathrooms. There are no picnic tables close or on the Butler Arboretum trail.

To get to WildWood from Little Rock, head north on State Capital towards Capital Mall. Take I-630 W, take Chenal Pkwy and Kanis Rd to Denny Rd. Wildwood is located close to Chenal Elementary. Once in Wildwood, you can find the Butler Arboretum trail right next to the swan lake. You will have to pass a grassy field first, then take a right once you are back on paved road.

If you have additional questions about this trail, click the link below.

Butler Arboretum – WildWood

Difficult or Hazardous areas.

  • Sharp curves and steep hills
  • Moss caused trail to be slick
  • Raised cracks caused bumps.

If you have any additional questions about the location or directions to this area click the picture below:


To see some 360 Degree picture, click the picture below.


Click on the picture below to see a GoPro video.

Arboretum Trail

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