Section of Arkansas River Trail- Burns Park

The Burns Park, Arkansas River Trail is a section of the Arkansas River Trail located in Burns Park. Since the AR River Trail is 14 miles long, this section is filmed of only the part in Burns Park. It has a beautiful view of the Arkansas River and a fishing pier that is accessible. This trail is located in North Little Rock, Arkansas. To get to Burns Park you have to get on I-40 and take exit 150 and then follow the signs.

Difficult/Hazardous Spots

  • fishing pier is composed of ramps that could pose an incline issue
  • cracks or debris on trail

A bathroom on this trail is on the intersection of White Oak Trail and the Arkansas River Trail. The bathroom is on Tournament Drive, in Burns Park. Here is a Google Map Picture of the location of the bathroom on the trail.

Click the picture below to go to the original Google Map:


Here are some 360 degree pictures of the bathrooms that are on the Burns Park section of the Arkansas River Trail.

Click on the picture to view some 360 degree pictures of the bathroom:


Click on the link below to get some pictures of the Arkansas River Trail, Burns Park.

Click on the picture below to see a GoPro video of this trail:

Arkansas River Trail youtube pic

Here is the youtube video for White Oak (Which can also be found in Burns Park)

White Oak

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