Accessible Options Trails Paved Trail Ramp Accessible Water Fountains Accessible Parking Lot Spaces Accessible Bathroom Accessible Changing Station Challenging Spots on Trail
 Tucker Creek Trail Yes Different entrances No Yes No Yes No
Burns Park Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Petit Jean Other type of paving Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Bufflehead Bay Trail Yes No No Yes No No No
Pinnacle Park Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Two Rivers Bridge Yes Yes No  Yes  No  No  No
Arboretum @Wildwood Yes-Asphalt No Yes(Inside Building) Is some Slope Yes(Inside Building) No Yes
HunterWildFlowerGarden Yes-Asphalt No Yes(Inside Building) Have to go up hill, then back down another Yes(Inside Building) No Yes
Lorance Creek Yes-Asphalt Yes No Yes Porta Potty-Closest accessible bathroom is gas station @ exit 9 No Some
Arboretum @Pinnacle Yes-Asphalt Come Back for Info Yes Yes No. Closest ones are at the KingFisher trail No. Closest one is at the KingFisher trail Some

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EAST stands for Environmental and Spatial Technology and its purpose is to use sophisticated technology to solve problems in the community while helping students grow. EAST at Joe T. Robinson Middle School is the program that initiated this project. There was a meeting at Arkansas Children’s Hospital to discuss recreational opportunities for people with disabilities in Arkansas. A physical therapist who knew about EAST came to Joe T. and proposed going out to trails and filming, mapping, and photographing spots on the trails. We initiated a collaboration with the University of Central Arkansas, the Arkansas Department of Health, and the Office of Disability and Health. Action Wheelchairs donated a wheelchair for us to film.




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